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Hello all!

These pictures have been collected over the years that I've been researching Lippitt Morgan bloodlines.  They come from a great variety of sources.   I hope that if I've missed your name you'll let me know by sending me a note at

Thank you!
Sherri Albrecht

I would like to thank all of the numerous individuals who placed photo ads over the years within the Lippitt Club Newsletters and Directories.  A great majority of the photos on this site are scanned in from such advertisements.  Also thank you to those who have submitted articles and pictures for the enjoyment and benefit to others who love the Lippitt Morgan.  Many of these articles are a great learning resource for the rest of us.  The photos supplied are irreplaceable to the serious breeder and researcher.  The Lippitt Club has a great many past Newsletter issues for sale.   More information can be found on their website.

I would also like to thank those who submitted articles, pictures and placed advertisements within the Morgan Horse Magazine.  Some of these pictures have been taken from here as well.  The American Morgan Horse Association also offers past issues for sale as well as a regular subscription.  More information about this can be found at their website.

Individuals offering there photos for viewing are to be offered a big thank you as well.

Ara-Li Acres  Dawn Brown
Aswyn Morgans  Jon & Sue May
Blue Hills Lippitt Morgans  JoAnn and Ramsey Anderson 
Blue Spruce Morgans   Gary and Tony Raymond
Border View Farm   Jim and Beverly Alexander
Coosa Valley Farm  Mike and Dannise Ray
Karo Farms  Karen Vanderbosch
Kings Cross Morgans  Pat & Ross Olsen

Mic Mac Morgans  Judy Johnson and Dan Sherwood
Morannon Morgans  Tricia Jumonville
Okan Morgans  Donald and Mary Curtis
Rainbow's Edge Farm  Kelly Mastine
Randallane Morgans  Crescent Peirce
Rosewater Morgans   Julie and Jeff Heise
Star M Stables  Kate Lorenzen and Mark Lesniewski
Thread of the Mill Farm  Gail MacLean
Tindo Morgans  Barbara Crochet
Twin Oaks Valley Morgans  Carol and Barry Dzindzio
Wildrose Morgans   Tom and Shana Vincent
Willo Pond Morgans  Lorena Harrold
Windrise Morgans   Sherri Albrecht and family
Valley Stables   Brenda Vincent

Thank you to the photographers behind the beauty of some of these pictures.
JoAnn Anderson Blue Hills Lippitt Morgans 
Ken Burke 
Julie Heise Rosewater Morgans 
Sherry Jandorf - email
Carol MacDonald
Pam O'Connell Pam O'Connell Photography 
Dennis and Laura Tatro Delnor Digital Photography
Kate Tobey - email

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