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This page contains a list of Full Lippitt Morgans by  registered name that appear on this site.  Some horses have multiple photos and may be shown at various ages.  The thumbnails of the photos may be a bit distorted.  Please view the full size picture to see the correct proportions.  Some pages have a large number of thumbnails and may take some time to load.  Please be patient.  Thank you!

NOTE:  Horses are listed by their full registered name.

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Abraham Ethan George
Al-Bars Cyndi Moro
Alert Ash Margarite Henry
Alert's Miss Muffet
Allen's Major

Anna Darling
Annaray Magic Justice

Ashbrook and Ne Komia

Ashmoro Canajoharie
Ashmoro Mountaineer

Ashwood Duchess
Ashwood Georgi Girl
Ashwood Jess's Pride

Ashwood Sara Lee
Ashwood Majestic


Bayside Rainman
Bell Brook Darling
Bell Marea

Billy Roberts 1
Bilmar Rob Roy
Blue Spruce Aurora
Blue Spruce Buccineer
Blue Spruce Dakota
Blue Spruce Del Star Rae
Blue Spruce Dominik

Blue Spruce Emerald Gem
Blue Spruce Emerald Jewel

Blue Spruce Miss Muskit
Blue Spruce Muskiteer Jr.

Bridget Twilight
Bob B

Bonnie Jean
Border View Bay Josh

Border View Emmaline
Border View Ira Allen
Border View Jerusha
Border View Keziah Darlin
BCF Pilot Ash Moro

BSF April Knight
Cantieglen Eclipse
Cantieglen Phoenix
Cantieglen Orpheus
CC Eres TU

Chebecco Nutmeg
Covenant Colby Moro

Covenant Jeslyn Moro
Covenant Knight Heir
Covenant Nathan Ash
Croydon Minuteman
Croydon Prince

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Daisy Mint & Minty's Stardust
Dew Meadow Tippecanoe Too

Donald Twilight
Dyberry Billy

Dyberry Bob
Dyberry Buddy

Dyberry Ethan
Dyberry Robin
Dyberry Robin & daughter
Dyberry Royalton

Edgewood El Nino
Edgewood Olivia Moro
Ember Emily
Ember Lisette
Equinox Beaubrook
Equinox Meridian
Equinox Royalty
Equinox Sarah Darling
Equinox To-Moro
Ethan Allen
Ethan Allen 2nd
Ethan Allen 3rd
Fawn Ledge Norman
Fritzi Ashbrook
Furburk Don Ethan
Garnet Ashbrook
Green Mountain 42 (drawing)
Green Mountain Twilight
Gretchen Moro

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Harwich Tyrant
Hawk Ridge Elidon
Heathermoor Rob Ash
Heritage Ethan
High Pastures Corydon
High Pastures Eudora
High Pastures Radiant
High Pastures Roelda
High Pastures Sampson
Hiker Joy
Hillside Alert Misty
Hillside Starmander
Horton's Bay Prince
Horton's Belle Royal Moro
Horton's Kate Moro
Horton's Mares
Horton's Vermont Standard
Horton's Zannah Moro
Idle Mor Abraham
Imperial Major
Imperial Quest
Imperial Samara
Integrity's Ashley Darling
Iron Horse Jericho
Jake Mint
John A Darling
John Ethan Ashbrook
Josama Silhouette
Jesta Kristin

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Kiva Annabelle
Knox Morgan
Lippitt Alert
Lippitt Ashbrook Moro
Lippitt Ashmore
Lippitt Bethal
Lippitt Beth Alert
Lippitt Billy Ash
Lippitt Bruce
Lippitt Darling
Lippitt Dream Girl
Lippitt Dulcie
Lippitt Duplicate
Lippitt Dusky Kate
Lippitt Ethan Anne
Lippitt Ethan Ash
Lippitt Ethan Ashbrook
Lippitt Ethan Georgia
Lippitt George Moro
Lippitt Georgia
Lippitt Georgiana
Lippitt Gladys Moro
Lippitt Gregory
Lippitt Jeep
Lippitt Knight Vircy
Lippitt Mint Don
Lippitt Minty
Lippitt Minty with Daisy
Lippitt Miss Nekomia
Lippitt Moro Alert
Lippitt Moro Ash
Lippitt Moro Ashmore
Lippitt Nancy Moro
Lippitt Norman
Lippitt Raymond
Lippitt Rebecca
Lippitt Rita Roy
Lippitt Rob Rita
Lippitt Rob Roy
Lippitt Royalton Nekomia
Lippitt Sallie
Lippitt Sally Ash
Lippitt Sally Brook
Lippitt Sally Moro
Lippitt Sam
Lippitt Sam Twilight
Lippitt Searchlight
Lippitt Selassie
Lippitt Stardust
Lippitt Twinkle
Lippitt Victoria
Lippitt Victoria Amanda
Lippitt Victory
Lucinda's Victoria
Madrona Ethan Ash
Madrona Lady Brook
Madrona Rubicon
Madrona Sam Moro
Madrona Sealect Lad with dam
Margeret Moro's Megan
Marvelous Ideal
Marvelouse Lady Moro
Marvelous Mariner
Masada Mercury
Masada Moro Lace
Mayking Alamo
Mayking Eldorado
Meadowood Alert
Meddo's Valiant
Meredith Bilirubin
Meredith Bridget
Meredith Bruce
Meredith Heather
Meredith Knight
Meredith Lenora
Meredith Prince
Meredith Ramona & Meredith Sadie Ash
Meredith Smokey
Meredith Starlight
Meredith Tiger
MIC MAC Clairevoyant
MIC MAC Enchantor
Mint Black Jack
Moonridge F Meshach
Morannon Manzanita & foal
Moro Hill Mamosa
Moro Hill Marta
Moro Hill's Adonis
Moro Hill's Bandit
Moro Hill's Emelyn
Moro Hill's Ethania
Moro Hill's Gay Ethan
Moro Hill's Jeremy
Moro Hill's Magician
Moro Hill's Magnum
Moro Hill's Mandarin
Moro Hill's Manito
Moro Hill's Marquis
Moro Hill's Medallion
Moro Hill's Mequon
Moro Hill's Micha
Moro Hill's Motif
Moro Hill's Prophet
Moro Hill's Royrita
Motif Hill Marquisee
Motif Hill MisMotif
Mystic Royal Charm

Nabob Morgan
Natick Moro Independence
October Aftertime
Okan Beaubridge
Okan L'il Darling
OM Jacob Ash
Otterbein Lucas Moro
Patoka Charolette
Patoka Pandora
Pete Morgan
Peter's Ethan Allen 2nd.
Peter's Morgan
Pride of Quietude
Prince Charlie

Quietude Westward Rachach Tiger Darling
Randallane Beaubrooke
Randallane Crescent Unity
Randallane Genesis
Randallane Genevieve
Randallane Italics
Randallane Paradigm
Randallane Paradox
Randallane Paragon
Randallane Revelation
Ransomvale Barbyalan
Ransomvale Georgia
Ransomvale Jamie
Ransomvale Morita

Ravenwood Big Ben
River Rider's Rogue
Rob Roy
Rohan Angelica

Rohan Elbereth
Rohan Mighty Mouse
Rohan Perian
Rosewater Bonnie Sealect
Rosewater Charm's Red Moro
Rosewater JulieAnn J
Royalton AJ
Royalton Ashbrook Darling
Royalton Ashline
Royalton Beatrice
Royalton Beatrice & Randallane Revelation
Royalton Bob Woodstock
Royalton Corydon
Royalton Danette
Royalton Deidre D
Royalton Donald Ash
Royalton Ebenezer
Royalton Ed Pixley
Royalton Fairlee
Royalton Hubert
Royalton Jessica Ash
Royalton John Darlingson
Royalton Justine Darling
Royalton Justin Morrill (Morl)
Royalton Minelda
Royalton Noelle Ash
Royalton Peggy Moro
Royalton Rosalynn
Royaton Roseanna and foal
Royalton Seth Warner
Royalton Sisters
Royalton Welcome
Ryegate Aurora
Ryegate Margaret Moro
Ryegate Moro Magic
Ryegate Saphire
Ryegate Surprise
Ryegate Syndicate
Ryegate Tiffany
Sally Woodbury
Sam Twilight
Sand Mtn Amy Ash
Sandgate Centurion
Sandgate Bob Moro
Sandrock KC
Shamrock Amazingrace
Shamrock Seville
Sir Ethan Allen
Sonny Bob
Spearland Reba Ash
SSM W Nicole Nekomia
SSM Sisters
Stillwater Commander
Stillwater Indigo
Suzanne Royalty
Sweet Maple Royalson
Tall Oaks Adonna Mae
Tall Oaks Joy
Tall Oaks Sally Moro
TFM Carouselle
TFM Joan D' Arc

Tiffin Moro Ashby
TOV Brigitta Ann
TOV Paulina Darling
TOV Philippa Darling
Tradition Derby Day
Tradition Georgina
Tradition Hollybrook
Tradition R. L. Knight
Trilbrook Joel
Ute Mt Robin Ash
Valley Head Mary Moro
Valley Head Rita - Josama Tradition
Venturous Colonel
Venturous Kristen
Venturous Patriot

Wachuset Black Hawk
Wachuset Cadence
Wachuset Hannah

Wachuset Imperial
Wachuset Sherman
Wachuset Leah Ash
Wachuset Rebecca
Wachuset Sealect
Weathermont Belle
Willo Pond Knight Rain

Willo Pond Knight Remedy
Willo Pond Lady Shallamar
Windrise Alexis Darling
Winloc Sir Arthur
Woodmoro Memories
Wood Run Alexander's Major
Wood Run Penny Royal
Wood Run Rosemary
Woodstock Delilah
Woodstock Tabitha

Z Halcyon Suzette


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