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Lippitt Breeders and Owners

Alpha Morgans
Ara-Li Acres
Aswyn Morgans
Baroncrest Morgans
Baybrook Morgans
Bilmar Morgans
Blue Hills Lippitt Morgans
Blue Spruce Morgans
Border View
Brookhill Classic Morgans
C-My Morgans
Centina Morgans
Coosa Valley Farm
CR Morgans
Currier Compound
Eastbrook Farm
Equinox Beaubrook @ East of Equinox
Fallen Willow Farm
Henault Morgan Farm
Hillside Acres
Iron Horse Morgans
Just'n Town Stables
Kadent Morgans
Kiva Ridge Morgans Annex Photo Archive
Masterpiece Morgans
MicMac Morgans
Morquito Ranch Equines
Okan Morgan's Feature
Okan Morgans
Old Vermont Morgans
Open Road Morgans
Peppercorn Morgans
Pure Gold Morgans
Randallane Morgans
Rohan Morgans
Rosewater Morgans
Royalton's Sunrise Farm, Inc.
Scion Morgans
Scorpio Morgans
Seay Farm
Seminole Wind
Shadomere Lippitt Morgans
Star M Stables
Starlight Morgans
Tindo Morgans
Twin Oaks Valley Morgans
Wild Rose Morgan Farm
Windrise Morgans
Valley Stables

Lippitt and Morgan Clubs and Associations

The Lippitt Club
The Lippitt Club Web-zine
Lippitt Morgan Breeders Association
American Morgan Horse Association
Canadian Morgan Horse Association
Canadian Livestock Records Corporation
British Morgan Horse Society
Archival Morgan Record

Other places of interest

AMHA-Bell Marea Article (Dam of Sealect) National Museum of the Morgan Horse

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