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The Name Index contains a listing of horses by their registered name.   Many horses have multiple photos for viewing.  Our Links page contains many great places to visit.  To submit a photo or a link,  please send an email to submissions@lippittarchives.comPlease check the credits page for a list of the talented photographers and/or owners of these wonderful horses.

Justin Morgan Woodcut

A note from the face behind this project.....

Hello everyone!

First, thank you for stopping in to see my site.   This is a personal project of mine.  Something that I have spent too many hours to count working on.  These are photos that I have collected over several years of researching Lippitt Morgans.  A great majority of these pictures are taken from old Lippitt Club Newsletters, Morgan Horse magazine advertisements and articles, and various other publications. 

Originally, I had planned this site to contain any photos that I've collected over the years that were sent to me in various emails, through email lists or collected from various sites.  My thoughts had been geared to getting the public the ability to see as many horses as they could in a variety of activities. 

My hopes were to display the Lippitt as the truly versatile and family horse it is for many of us.  As well as help those others who are researching the bloodlines and perhaps preserve a bit of our Lippitt history for all to see instead of a select few. 

If you have qualms with any credits or copyrights with any specific photo, please send me a note and I'll pursue the matter from there.  Should there be one that catches your eye as something that should not be displayed, please send me a note at and I will remove it. 

If there is a photo of yours that you recognize that is missing its signature or would like credit for it specifically, please let me know and I will correct the situation post haste.  If you have multiple photos on the site, please check to see if I've included you in the new credits page.  If not, please let me know.  For now, I am going to be listing names with a link to a website or e-mail address if I have such information.  If you wish credit, but no link, please let me know.

Thank you,
Sherri Albrecht

Home Name Index New Additions Links Credits

This site is dedicated to the Lippitt Morgan.  It is not sponsored by or affiliated with any Morgan or Lippitt Morgan club.  If you have any questions, concerns please send an email to:
To submit a photo or a link,  please send an email to submissions@lippittarchives.comThank you!

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